Web Design Business Advice: Why I Added Copywriting and SEO to My Package

Web Design Business Advice: Why I Added Copywriting and SEO to My Package

Packaging your web design services requires strategy. That’s why in this web design business advice blog post I’m giving you a peek into how I created my web design packages and why I include copywriting for all of my web design clients.

Web Design Business Advice

Running a web design business can be done in many ways. There aren’t any right or wrong ways (unless you’re making promises that you can’t or don’t intend to keep), just different ways based on personal preferences and experience.

Over time you start to learn what works for you. The best things to include in your packages to provide maximum value. What workflow works best for your ideal client to get the best results. Or what prices and messaging attract that client that makes you love your job.

Web Design Business Advice

My first web design package

When I first started my web design business I took on projects without a set package. I basically was doing whatever my client needed or wanted and gave them a price based on their criteria. It was fine, to begin with, but then I started to realize that I wasn’t attracting people – I was chasing people and I was being a people-pleaser by giving them whatever they wanted just so I could land the job.

Once I did create a package, it was ridiculously basic. I don’t have the specifics written down anywhere (although I wish I did!) but I’m pretty sure it looked something like this:

  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Services page
  • Contact page
  • Blog page website
  • 2 rounds of edits
  • Email opt-in

Basic, right? And really not that helpful unless the client already has everything from copy to assets to target market research to hand over to you.

How This Basic Web Design Package Was Hurting My Business

Because of my basic package, I was charging a pretty low price. Because of my low price, I was attracting some less than ideal clients. And because I was attracting less than ideal clients, my working relationships and the project workflow were usually painful.

I was providing a service that probably 80% of web designers provide which made it easy for people to price compare and go with the person with the lowest price tag. So my clients didn’t value my opinion and they didn’t trust that I knew what I was doing.

But I did know what I was doing – I have 5 years of eCommerce experience and a background in psychology for Pete’s sake!

The issue was that my packages didn’t reflect this.


Evolving my Web Design Package

The best web design business advice I received was to start thinking about all of the things I wished my clients brought to me.

  • Ideal client research
  • Copy that converts
  • Keywords
  • Their goals
  • Their struggles
  • And a bunch of other stuff!

I realized I didn’t want to just design a beautiful website for my clients. I wanted to help my clients grow and evolve their businesses. This 100% can be done through a website but it can’t be done through a basic website.

My New Web Design Package

After listing everything I wished a client came prepared with, I figured out how I could add that into my package.

SEO and Web Design

The first thing to add was advanced SEO. Because what’s the point of having a website if no one can find it?

Now I work with an SEO guru to determine keywords that my client’s ideal client will enter into Google to find services similar to my client’s. That customized website design won’t just exist on the web, now it will actually be found!

Copywriting and Web Design

The second thing I added was copywriting for the homepage and sales page and recommendations/editing of the about page copy. Because now people had beautiful websites that visually represented their brands and visually attracted their ideal client and the SEO behind it to drive organic traffic to the website.

But the design alone won’t engage and convert leads.

That’s where the copy comes in. Copy needs to be written in a way that psychologically engages and influences website visitors. As someone is reading they need to think “how does she know I feel this way?” If the copy doesn’t make them think that, the information you’re providing on your website will be glazed over and your brand will be easily forgotten.

I didn’t want to just design a pretty website and so I don’t do that anymore! I design customized websites, help write copy that converts, and partner with an SEO guru to actually get eyes on your website.

Web design classifieds

In my upcoming course, Web Design Classifieds, I teach web designers who want to build high-end websites and charge more for their services how they can do this by up-levelling their packages. You’ll learn everything from the psychology of colour to the psychology of copy to the psychology of design. Plus how to incorporate all of this into one package so you can differentiate yourself and raise your prices while providing maximum value to your clients.

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