Brand Design

Your brand is much more then just your logo

We work together to create a powerful brand guide that feels magnetic to you (and your audience), allowing you to easily attract dream clients.

Creating a brand guide is an important process that helps clarify your brand’s identity and messaging. By working together, we can ensure that your brand guide accurately reflects your unique values, vision, and personality. This guide will serve as a roadmap for all of your branding efforts, from website design to social media content. It will also help you attract the right clients by communicating your brand’s strengths and values clearly and consistently. With a magnetic brand guide in place, you can feel confident in your brand’s messaging and attract your dream clients with ease.

If you're looking for a new brand design, this is for you if...


If you have a business, and you know it's time to get it online


You want to establish your business with professional brand


You're ready to take your business to the next level

What’s included?

We understand that each customer and project is unique. However, the following is a broad outline of what is included:

01. Strategy

One on one strategy to define what is you vision for the project. Who are your ideal clients, and to prepare your branding kit.

02 Brand Design

Colour selection & typography. Custom, alternative and submark logo design. Bonus - banners for your social media.

03 Delivery

Completely brand style guidelines with all the files from your brand design, and up to 3 revisions included.

With Brand Design you will get much more then only online presence

Stunning brand guideline bundle with all fonts, colors, patterns, logos, and photos to share with your team. You’ll also have a brand that looks and feels like you, and you’re glad to share online.

Branding starts at: $1,000

satisfied customers


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