Web Design Classifieds: How to Make More Money as a Web Designer

Web Design Classifieds: How to Make More Money as a Web Designer

How To Make More Money

When I first started as a web designer I was charging ridiculously low prices. I thought in order to land clients, I needed to outbid every other web designer they were talking to. Especially when I was using freelancing platforms, I was trying to provide a proposal within the person’s budget regardless of whether or not it was worth my time and effort for the amount of money.

After landing a few $500 or fewer projects and spending way too much time on them, I realized I was making less than $15 per hour on these projects. Sometimes even $10 or less per hour! That wasn’t my idea of being a successful entrepreneur and that wasn’t going to allow me to quit my job and still be able to pay my bills.

I knew I needed to make a change in my packages or messaging or process. My packages needed to be more robust and provide more value so I could increase my prices. Or my messaging needed to reflect the value I was already providing so people knew they weren’t just getting a pretty website. Or my process needed to be more streamlined so I could spend less time working on each project from on-boarding through off-boarding clients.

How to Make More Money

The changes I made to make more money as a web designer

So I made changes.

I changed my packages and messaging to provide more value and actually show the value through the words and phrases I was using. I streamlined and automated my process so I could spend less time on admin tasks. Tasks like collecting the necessary information from clients to start the project and gathering feedback on the designs used to take hours and now it takes less than a minute because I’ve automated the process.

With these changes, I was able to never sign a $500 or less project again. I was able to raise my prices to $2k and then to $3.5k and now to $4.5k.

With these changes, I was having conversations with leads about designing and developing $15k – $20k websites. Before, my messaging wouldn’t even get me a conversation with people willing to spend that amount of money. Now my messaging was opening up opportunities I never had before.

The changes I made to my packages, messaging and the process we’re allowing me to make more money as a web designer and spend less time working. (WIN, WIN, RIGHT?!)

Web Design Classifieds

Introducing my new course for web designers

Now I want to teach other web designers how to do the same. I want to teach web designers who are done landing $500, $1K, or $2K projects every few months how to land $4.5K+ projects every single month.

What is Web Design Classified?

Web Design Classifieds is a course for web designers who want to build high-end websites and charge more for their services.

The information in this course allowed me to start charging a minimum of $4.5K for my web design package (originally only $2K) once I integrated these aspects into it.

This course is for web designers who go above and beyond for their clients and want to be fairly compensated for their work!

Once you use the concepts and apply them to your packages, it will save you time, allow you to increase your rates, and give you more confidence in providing well-designed websites that convert!

How is Web Design Classified different from other web design courses?

I’m not just teaching you how to build a website. I’m teaching you…

  • What colors attract people and influence them to have a positive opinion about the company, product, or service (plus, which colours do the exact opposite).
  • How specific words, sentences, and phrases can take a company and make them an authority figure that everyone respects and wants to work with.
  • The design elements influence people to purchase a product or service without them even realizing it.
  • The types of websites that make people “X” out of the website immediately after landing on the homepage.
  • How to include all of this in your packages and project workflows for better client results.
  • How to communicate the value you provide to leads so you can land clients with ease even at higher rates!

The information in this course allowed me to not only increase my prices but land clients with ease because I’m not just building websites anymore…

I’m building tools that CONVERT leads into paying clients/customers.

Interested? Get on the list!

Who is this web design course for?

This course is built specifically for web designers. So this course is perfect for you if you…

  • Are a web designer who goes above and beyond for your clients but doesn’t get compensated nearly enough for it.
  • Are tired of hearing “I’m going with someone else who is cheaper” and instead want to end sales calls with a “Hell yes!”
  • Want to truly differentiate yourself from other people in the industry so you can land clients with ease (and know how to communicate how you’re different from the next web designer!).
  • Spend too much time on each project and want a more streamlined process for better client results.
  • Want to be able to express your client’s individuality while creating a website that converts every single time.
  • Are ready to raise your prices but are unsure how to when landing clients right now is still a struggle.

How will Web Design Classifieds change you and your business?

I’ve dumped everything I know into this course and I’m continuing to add and adjust as new studies are released. As a Web Design Classified student you get lifetime access which will allow you to…

  • Raise your prices so you can stop making less than $15 per hour and start making $3K+ for a single project.
  • Differentiate yourself so you can stand out from other web designers and prove you’re worth the prices you’re charging.
  • Be confident in your packages and pricing.
  • Become more efficient with streamlined processes and automation which will allow you to spend less time working through each project.
  • See better client results because your process makes sense and communication is easy.
  • Have higher standards for your designs because you’re implementing psychological principles that make a website from just being pretty to be a website that actually converts leads into paying clients/customers.
  • Be able to express your client’s individuality because you’re collecting all the information you need to understand their business goals, their struggles, and their ideal client.

Ready to make more money as a web designer?

If you’re ready to take your web design business to the next level, design websites that convert, increase those prices, and become confident in your services – get on the waitlist for the Web Design Classified BETA program!

As a founding member of Web Design Classifieds, you’ll get a ridiculous discount on the course, unlimited access to ask me all your web design questions, access to a private Facebook group for community support, and first dibs on all my new courses.

So what are you waiting for? Get on the list or send me an email to see if the course is a good fit for you!

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