Why You Need an Email List for Your Web Design Business

Why You Need An Email List

Marketing your web design business doesn’t have to be a challenge. The best online business strategy you can use is to start an email list and focus on growing your subscribers. In this blog post, you’ll learn all about why I advise web designers to use email marketing!

Building an email list has probably crossed your mind a few times throughout your web design business journey. But if you already have Facebook, Instagram, a blog, Pinterest… do you really need an email list?

My answer is yes. I would even argue that you (gasp!!) get rid of Instagram so you can make time for growing and nurturing an email list. Don’t just take my word for it though, here are a few reasons why you should build an email list for your web design business.

Easiest Way to Build a Relationship

In my online course Web Design Classifieds and even throughout the blog I talk a lot about how you need to build trust before a lead will turn into a client. It’s the last stage in the know, like, trust factor and the easiest way to build trust is to communicate regularly with leads.

While having a blog is a great way to post content on a regular basis, there’s no guarantee that a busy lead will go out of their way to find your latest posts online.

Add email marketing to your list of marketing platforms though… you’ve got yourself a way to get your new blog posts in front of the lead’s eyes without them putting any effort into finding you.

Creates Recognition

Not only does sending regular emails build trust but it also creates recognition. When a lead sees your name pop up in their inbox on a regular basis, they’ll unconsciously remember you.

The time comes where the lead is ready for a website and your name will come to the front of their mind before Suzy who they chatted with once and never heard from again.

You Have Complete Control Over It

Did you know you have zero control over your Instagram account? The same goes for your Facebook account. You may think that you do but it’s not real control. Sure, you can post what you want, within their guidelines.

And you can market to whoever you want until Facebook decides to charge for it and Instagram decides to change the algorithm. You don’t really have control over any social media platform.

But you do have complete control over your email list. You own the list of subscribers and you can email them whenever and however you want to as long as they have willingly given you their email address.

You’ll never have to worry about your account randomly being shut down, the company closing… because that list of subscribers is yours and you can take them from one platform to another platform.

High Conversion Rates

Quite possibly the biggest reason why you should have an email list is the conversion rates emails have. You’re selling a big-ticket item as a web designer and because of that, selling someone on your services through Instagram is tough.

Selling your services on Facebook where tons of other web designers are competing for the same business is also tough.

Emails through… because you’re able to build trust and recognition… have some of the highest conversion rates. Build an email list, regularly communicate with your subscribers, build trust, share knowledge, and then pitch your services.

You’ll make much more money off a single email than you will off of tens or hundreds of social media posts.

If you’re ready to trade on Instagram for email marketing or you have the bandwidth to take on another marketing platform, I recommend you start with Flodesk! I can promise you one thing. You won’t regret it.



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